This week with The Beady Gecko....

Hello and welcome to a whole new year!  Happy 2015!

We've certainly enjoyed our festive break here at Gecko Villa, we had a lovely Christmas with friends and family, and escaped to Scotland for a whole week over the new year, which gave us a chance to catch our breath, catch up on our sleep and clear our heads before sitting down and working out our plans for this year.

Like everyone we're planning a few new year resolutions, ours will be fun and involve lots of sparkles and colour, there's ideas for new things already being bounced around and sketched out, sequins, sparkles and a bit of magic dust will continue to feature heavily (as will cat fur and dog whiskers).  We had a brilliant year last year, so many of you came to see us at lots of the events that we were at, we've made some lovely new friends, and we've branched out a bit too.  This year, we're planning on branching out a bit further, and we've some fantastic new events planned for 2015.

As always we will be keeping with the seasonal theme of our sparkles and taking our inspiration from the world around us, we're planning to increase our shop on Etsy, so no matter where you are you can avail yourself of pretty things, we're also planning to increase the range of stock that we have in our stockists shops this year to give our followers a much better choice of sparkly things, and we're hoping to add to our list of stockists too, but more of that over the coming weeks as our plans are firmed up a bit more.  Worry not though, we will still be at our favourite markets and shows throughout the year - we're looking forward to seeing our friends at Inglenook Farm on the second Sunday of February, and we'll be adding some new ones too, including our first visit to Artisans at the Palm House in March which we're hugely excited about, and there's more than one event booked in for Christmas 2015 smile.

One person you will be seeing less of over this coming year, is our gorgeous Student Gecko.  She's been a hugely fantastic help over the course of our last year, and lots of you will know her from coming to see us at Fairs and Markets, and I will miss her.  She's continuing to do brilliantly at College, but the sheer volume of course work she now has, will mean that she'll be at a lot fewer events with me this year.  I will still get to see her every night at tea time though, and I'm hoping she'll be our social media bod when things calm down for her a bit wink

The Sparkly Eared one will still be with me, you might have seen a fleeting glimpse of her at Fairs, but she prefers to help me here at Gecko Villa, she has a brilliant eye for colour and a fantastically quirky way of looking at the world, so we have some brilliantly off beat conversations with design ideas being flung about.  She'll often sit and help me choose new sparkles, she has a really good idea of up and coming trends too, which is always a huge bonus - her finger is definitely on the pulse.

And where would The Beady Gecko be without Pontious?  Yes, he really does exist, he's our finance person mostly, and is very good at keeping my feet on the floor, making sure the sparkles don't end up all over the dinner table, and keeping me grounded when my plans for world domination threaten to overtake everything.  He's also a very good cook, and on more than one occasion before Christmas, it was purely down to him that the Gecko family had tea at a vaguely respectable time wink.

So from all of us at Gecko Villa, we'd like to wish you a very happy new year, with lots of fun, friendship and sparkles.  I'll keep our lists of where to find us up to date, and please do come and say hello.  If we're too far for you to visit, you are always welcome to email me

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